Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brayden Turns 4!

Happy Birthday!
I can't believe our baby is 4, guess he really isn't a baby anymore.  Wow time really goes too fast.  Besides some random tantrums from time to time, we are blessed to have such a sweet, smart, loving, and funny fella to keep us thoroughly entertained!  Can't wait to see what this next year brings.
 Celebrating Mommy's birthday at the beginning of February 
by heading to The Lego Movie. 
 Brayden and his friends, Jackson and Hailey, at the zoo having an early birthday celebration!
 Can't go to the zoo without a ride on the carousel!
Since his birthday was on a school day, we had a little Mommy and son date to Build A Bear.
This year Bray wanted a few outfits for his (pink) kitty.  Kitty got a little more manly with a Spiderman costume and a fireman outfit.  If you didn't catch on yet, his favorite color is red. 

 Later in the week Larkin had a half day of school so we headed to the
Children's Museum with our favorite neighbors and their friend Kendall to have a little more birthday fun.
Painting the rocket at the Children's Museum
 This year Bray is all into Legos so of course we had to have a Lego cake!
 Happy Birthday!
 Time to dig in or maybe he already ate too much (you never know with that face)!
 Yeah, Legos!
 Uncle Mark and Aunt Mary came to help us celebrate.
 Family picture time!
Balloons are the best! 
He is either playing Star Wars or he is a ninjer (ninja in Brayden terms).
 Sissy checking out the goods!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
We have found that Christmas at home is much easier than trying to travel, so we spent a relaxing holiday at home.  Well we actually went on our weekend getaway to see Santa just before, but that was just over night.  The kids had a great Christmas playing with new toys, playing games, and just enjoying family time.  We were lucky enough to get to spend the day with Uncle Mark and Aunt Mary and our cousins Justin and Sarah too!
Getting ready to open one present on Christmas eve. 
This is Mommy's tradition!
 Christmas morning checking out some new clothes.
 Some new Monsters U characters!
 We got a car!!!!!!
This is probably the funniest thing we have EVER seen.  These kids can NOT drive, but that didn't stop them.  See that pure excitement on Brayden's face...probably because he was about to run someone over!
 LOVE our new car!
Watch out world.
 We LOVE our UMG and Aunt Mary!
You can't tell by Brayden's face,
but we were SO excited to spend time with Justin and Sarah!

The Polar Express and Santa's Workshop!

The Polar Express!
Just before Christmas we headed to Flagstaff and caught the Polar Express.  What a fun train ride all the way to the North Pole (or so they say).  We all had a blast pulling out our winter clothes and spending time in the snow.  Made it actually feel like Christmas.  The best part is in order to go on the Polar Express you simply have to put on your pajamas and a warm coat!
Getting into their Polar Express attire at the hotel before we left.
 Our little man all bundled up!
 Family picture in front of the train.
Getting ready to board the train.
 Silly time with Mommy!
 My little cuddle bug (kept me warm)!
 Finally on the train.
 Picture time with Daddy.
Santa's Workshop!
Who knew, but the portal to the North Pole and Santa's workshop is just outside of Flagstaff.  Lucky for us!  After our train ride at night, we decided to stop by Santa's workshop the next day before heading home.  What a fun place!
 Here they are getting ready to open the workshop doors.
Time to make the Christmas toys with the elves. 
This year they made teddy bears and foam shooters.
 This is the toy sorting room where all the toys come down the shoots.
 Guess who took time from his busy day to say hi!
 Cookies and hot cocoa in Santa's bakery.
 Always fun having elves around!
 Getting a few lessons at elf school.
 Yeah, we graduated!
 Our own special visit to Mrs. Claus' office!
And before we left the workshop we had to spend a little time with Santa!
Waiting for the bus after we were done at Santa's Workshop.
It definitely was chilly!

Happy December!

Happy December!
December was a fun family month.  It seemed so short between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, but we managed to get some fun in!
 Trying out our new cookie press!
So much fun decorating gingerbread houses! 
Yes, if you look closely Brayden chose a Hello Kitty house. 
He was on a kitty kick this year.
Larkin had so much fun  pretty much doing this all on her own!

 Trying to capture a few holiday pictures.
Sometimes they can be so sweet!
Getting all dressed up for her holiday concert.
 I spy with my little eye.... Larkin right in the middle of the middle row!


Halloween Fun!

Pumpkin Patch Time!
 After spending most of the month out of town it was time to get to get ready for Halloween.  Our first stop was Tolmachoff Farms for some fun.
Trying to escape the great spider web!
Larkin's turn for a pony ride.
Guess who didn't want to cuddle with his sister????
Going for a little drive!
Check out their train.
 Making our way through the corn maze. 
Daddy is a great leader!
Guess who I found!
Cuddling with Daddy!
Happy Halloween!
Pumpkin carving time
Larkin posing!
Check out our Jessie and Woody!
Ready to trick-or-treat