Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brayden Turns 4!

Happy Birthday!
I can't believe our baby is 4, guess he really isn't a baby anymore.  Wow time really goes too fast.  Besides some random tantrums from time to time, we are blessed to have such a sweet, smart, loving, and funny fella to keep us thoroughly entertained!  Can't wait to see what this next year brings.
 Celebrating Mommy's birthday at the beginning of February 
by heading to The Lego Movie. 
 Brayden and his friends, Jackson and Hailey, at the zoo having an early birthday celebration!
 Can't go to the zoo without a ride on the carousel!
Since his birthday was on a school day, we had a little Mommy and son date to Build A Bear.
This year Bray wanted a few outfits for his (pink) kitty.  Kitty got a little more manly with a Spiderman costume and a fireman outfit.  If you didn't catch on yet, his favorite color is red. 

 Later in the week Larkin had a half day of school so we headed to the
Children's Museum with our favorite neighbors and their friend Kendall to have a little more birthday fun.
Painting the rocket at the Children's Museum
 This year Bray is all into Legos so of course we had to have a Lego cake!
 Happy Birthday!
 Time to dig in or maybe he already ate too much (you never know with that face)!
 Yeah, Legos!
 Uncle Mark and Aunt Mary came to help us celebrate.
 Family picture time!
Balloons are the best! 
He is either playing Star Wars or he is a ninjer (ninja in Brayden terms).
 Sissy checking out the goods!

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